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Scorpion® * Includes stream shaper With its lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction, the Scorpion® is the perfect Water Cannons/Monitor for aerial appliions. Key Hose specializes in the design and manufacturing of fire hose and hose related to the following industries: Municipal Fire Fighting, Industrial, Military, Marine, Mining, Agricultural, Irrigation, and Forestry appliions.

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Waterous CMU 2250 gpm two-stage pump 250 gpm bumper mounted monitor Dual pre-piped master streams 400 gal water 20 gal Class A foam 60 gal Class B foam 500 ft of 4” LDH 400 ft of 2.5” hose 400 ft of 1.75” hose 400 ft of 1.5” hose 400 ft of 1” hose

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2010/5/10· The fire truck pumped water volume will depend on the nuer, length and sizes of the hoses attached and also on the capability of any hydrant system being utilized. Pumpers commonly have punping capacities to 1000 GPM with an onboard 500 gallon tank which won''t last long with even a single 2 1/2 " hose, but it will get you started and will be adequate for the majority of smaller fire runs

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High-pressure portable fire pumps can project water at extended distances and are easy to transport, making them excellent options for property owners and events. If you find yourself looking for added protection, a fire fighting pump is a great tool to keep the flames

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Hose for air, water, suction, discharge, rubber, PVC, jackhammer, air tool, air compressor, push-on, petroleum, chemical, tank truck, acid, food, beverage, brewery

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Fire pump flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of water through pump pipeline. It is stable easy to read flow indiion with safe installation. TPMC supplies fire pump flow meter in FM/ LPCB Approved. Fire

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Towing Hook for easy hauling behind Jeep or Fire Vehicle. Suitable Locker arrangement with the capacity of up to 20 Nos of 63 MM X 15 Metres Fire Water Delivery Hose Pipe with Couplings and Tool Box for Stowage. Reflectors at the Front and Back are

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The Bon-Aire nozzle features a construction that makes it ideal for use with a fire hose. Its usage is made convenient via the inclusion of a unique patented two-way shut off system which does an excellent job of providing users with the perfect stream of water for any situation.

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Forester Fog Fire Hose Nozzles Complies with U.S. Forest Service Specifiions No. 5100-240 and 244. 1" NPSH lightweight aluminum nozzle equipped with a three position valve for instant selection of fog, straight stream or shut-off with a wide choice of tip

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Fire Water Demand Calculation - posted in Industrial Professionals: My task is to design fire water/ foam system for dikes crude oil tank farm consisting of 2 fixed roof tanks with 28ft dia and 21.5ft height. I want to determine following basedon NFPA. 1) Highest fire water demand calculation 2) Sprinkler/spray system for tanks,diked area and transfer pumps( no.of nozzles,spacing,spacing

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Easily pump or transfer water with the desired efficiency with our industrial hose range. Made from high-quality materials, our hose pipes for sale guarantee maximum abrasion resistance and performance. Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 4pm Sat & Sun: Closed

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We used a Honda self-priming water pump with a two inch inlet and a two outlet that produces 135 gallons per minute (GPM). The nozzle was attached to a fifty foot 5/8 inch hose. The pump pressure was approximately 60 psi. Gallons per minute was calculated

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2016/5/18· Test of our new forest fire suppression tool, the Echo made Bear fire pump. It has 6 horsepower with 126 gpm of fun! Wheels are handy since this is 75 pounds of machine. The hose …

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Standard 95 GPM nozzle CHRS100 Galvanized Carbon Steel Hose Reel w/100 ft. of 1-1/2” Hard Rubber Hose, 250 PSI pressure rating. Standard 95 GPM nozzle CHRS125 Galvanized Carbon Steel Hose Reel w/125 ft. of 1-1/2” Hard Rubber Hose, 250

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Black, Nitrile, oil resistant rubber tube with 2-braid equivalent of spiral reinforcement. Red Neoprene, good oil, abrasion and weather resistant cover. A medium duty general purpose hose for handling air or water appliions. Non-conductive. Has minimum one


3-2 Fire Pump. The apparatus shall be equipped with a fire pump that meets the requirements of Chapter 14 and that has a minimum rated capacity of 750 gpm (2850 L/min). 3-3.2 If the aerial device is equipped with a permanently mounted waterway, the fire pump shall be capable of supplying the flow requirements of 18-6.1.2, 18-12.1, or 18-16.2 with a maximum intake gauge pressure of 20 psi (138

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Pumping water through hose takes energy and fire hose has friction loss. For example a 4 1/2-inch hose moving 1000 gpm has _____ friction loss per 100 feet of hose 10 psi Fire service hose is broken down into different classifiions. Which class of fire hose

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With an aerial device, ground ladders, fire pump, water tank, and fire hose Apparatus equipped _____ are commonly referred to as quints. 250 gpm at 150 psi NFPA 1901 specifies that the minimum pump capacity for an aerial apparatus shall be

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At one hose bib we will install the hose wye with pressure gauge and this is where we will be filling the 5 gallon bucket. Run a garden hose from another available hose bib to the one with the gauge. Using both hose bibs, open them to allow water to flow. (If you

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You can get 165 GPM out of both, over pump the 7/8” to 55 NP and get 168 with 65 pounds of NR or under pump the 15/16” to 40 NP and get 165 GPM with 54 NR. There are options. I want to point out that there are advantages and disadvantages to under and over pumping nozzles.

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The Fire Research INSIGHT Portable FlowTester is an instrument that will measure flow rate directly without using charts or doing calculations. FTA500-000: GPM/PSI, Display Box Only FTA500-015: 1.5", 13-320G, 2.5" swivel [Add $790.00] FTA500-020: 2.0", 21

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5-inch rubber covered fire hose designed for the purpose of moving water between a pressurized water source and a pump that is supplying attack lines. Appliion Premium quality, light weight industrial fire hose, resistant to abrasion, chemicals and will operate in

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The officer in charge of a fire needs to determine the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire and choose the appropriate hoseline and nozzle that will deliver the correct GPM. Large fires make for good news coverage, but in reality they happen because the firefighters were unable to place enough water at the seat of the fire to overcome the Btus being produced.