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Engine Trouble? It Could Be a Vacuum Leak

Broken vacuum tube or hose: The most common cause of a vacuum leak is a broken, torn or disconnected vacuum hose or tube. Because of the extreme heat generated by an internal coustion engine, these plastic and rubber tubes can deteriorate or break and cause a vacuum leak.

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19/7/2019· I know of no defeat of the washer for the hood being open. A leak near the pumps at the bottom of the reservoir is likely due to the press fit. The smell of the steam is suspicious if it is indeed from the WW reservoir. Sweet and candy-like smell is more often

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6/2/2015· So I''m hearing two things: Possible Exhaust Leak What parts/places do I need to look and how would I pinpoint this as the problem? I suppose it could be exhaust, but if so, it doesn''t smell quite the same as near the tailpipe. Also, exhaust wouldn''t be vaporous would it, unless it has a water

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If you are having problems with a tule dryer leaking, first make sure it is on a level surface. Heat pump models: A small amount of moisture by the condenser compartment or fluff filter is normal. Adjusting the front feet upwards by a few millimetres may help

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Hot exhaust gases can leak into the cooling system, or coolant can leak into the cylinders and be burned off as steam, either way, the end result is an overheating engine. If the car is driven while overheating, it can also result in the alloy cylinder head warping, or steam damaging the alytic converter, adding significantly to the cost of repair.

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22/5/2009· No coolant smell when running straight air or A/C. Thinking heater core but hope not, which means it probably is. The other problem showed up last night. I saw a small (6in diameter) spot of coolant near the front driver''s side of my truck.

6 Ways to Find a Water Leak in Your House - wikiHow

How to Find a Water Leak in Your House. In most cases the water line running to your home is "metered" for accountability and billing purposes. A leak on your line can be very costly. Yet, even a very small leak can be found through

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No bubbles means no leak. Hot Tip: Do NOT use an open flame to check for gas leaks. 6 If bubbles DO form or you smell gas, turn the propane tank off immediately. If bubbles appear on the propane tank itself, do not use or move the LP cylinder. Contact an LP 7

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18/8/2015· There should be no smell of gas and if there is it is leaking gas . i would not take any chances if you are not sure and get it checked by a engineer and they will carry out a leak test . Dave Edited August 12, 2015 by CommanderDave

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Steam products provide a cleaning method safe to have around children and animals. The steam coming out of the unit feels cool, not hot. Why? When water reaches the temperature of 212 degrees, your unit will produce steam. At the moment the steam hits

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18/10/2010· I have had a radiator leak that was small enough that the coolant wasn''t dripping but once it was hot it would begin to release steam. That''s why i could smell it but not see it. might want to try a SMALL amount of stop leak.

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29/8/2018· Got to work yesterday and first noticed coolant smellI opened the hood and looked all over, looked under the car as well and no sign of a leak and not running hot at all. The smell did seem to come from the coolant reservoir or the overflow hose coming off of it with the car running I held a light to the water pump and looked under the car, checked hoses and no sign of leak at all.

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took out the front windshield and resealed it. No more leak. Maybe you''re smelling windshield fluid? Maybe not if you can see the hose clearly. Sometimes leaks are tricky to isolate. CarolinaKota Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 10/27/2003 17:44:55 RE: Anitfreeze IP:

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Alternate Repair for water and Steam Pipe Pipe Wear Repair LOW PRESSURE PIPE LEAK REPAIR Pressure and Flow Stopped 1) Clean and abrade surface of pipe according to metal preparation guideline. 2) Coat entire circumference of pipe with a 1/16" to

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26/10/2013· I am having a coolant leak on my Buick. There are no signs of dipping coolant and the signs of a bad head gasket aren’t there either (no white smoke, and no coolant in the oil (no chocolate milkshake…mmmm chocolate milkshake…) This is an 08 and has the

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Today''s Posts Meer List Calendar Forum Boat Owners Forum Mechanical If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing

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I have a steam heating system in which two new window radiators where put in to replace a large, old, room radiator. Now, when the system fires up, the room (and subsequently the whole house) fills with a fine smoke and oily smell that comes from these radiator vents.

Kx450F Coolant smell and leak out over flow.

1/5/2015· Kx450F Coolant smell and leak out over flow. I just picked up a 2009 kx450F from a vet rider and he told me to keep and eye on the coolant because the bike looses some out the overflow. I have been reading about it to see if its normal and I am getting mixed

How to Diagnose Car Leaking by Color and Smell

Before you panic, though, you need to determine what the leak represents. Diagnosing a leak isn’t that difficult. In fact, the color of the leak or the smell it gives off will usually point to the problem. The sooner you make a determination, the better. You can use a

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14/8/2020· How to Find a Leak in Pluing Pipes Under Floors. Anyone who ever had to haul water from a well, or dump out a morning chaer pot welcomed the widespread adoption of …

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14/7/2016· They found the leak. It was a "tee" in the heater hose/pipe assely where it connects from the metal pipe to the firewall. They replaced the leaking "tee" with a piece of hose: I paid $141.98 for this repair. $120 of that was labor. Is that a fair cost?

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That leak could be from the coolant hoses. If you’re familiar with coolant, you can check out the leak to see whether the liquid is coolant or something else. Either way, something’s probably wrong. Visible hose damage You probably don’t pop your

2000 Chevy Truck Possible Heater Core or Hose Leak

After driving 50+ miles I smell odor and see steam on windshield, but no sign of water inside or under hood. How can I determine if it is a hose or the core? I do not need heat and do not want to spend a lot for repair. Can I have repair shop "loop" the two heater